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Alexis Rivero El Artista

"My recommendations to the programmers of the website were that it must have a lot of movement and, besides, a modern website because I live in the world of color and joy!”

Are you satisfied with the final result?

"I believe that the final work does not exist because the page has yet to continue evolving to keep up to date so that people always see something new on it.”

Alexis Rivero
El Artista

How is the experience of creating a website from the beginning for you?

"It is always better to create a website from scratch; if you tell a painter, ‘What is better? To take and restore a work or create a new one? They will tell you the same thing. Creating is better, the code is 100 % ours, we know all the benefits we can bring, and we know the limitations."

Tony Baldo
Zeuswebmaster/ 786 Marketing

“All our clients receive personal advice before starting, during the project we involve them in the website layout proposals, to have feedback and make it like a custom-made shirt; at the end, they are the ones who will wear it for the rest of their lives.”

We provide our clients with quality work to exceed their expectations, and now the whole world gets to know the paintings, masks, and iconic characters developed by Alexis Rivero.